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Revision Strategies for High School Students

Does your High School Student need to get better at taking notes, learn revision techniques and improve their exam results? Futures NZ has teamed up with Dr Ursula Edgington, a respected and published education specialist to deliver these key skills. With my own son I learnt that this was an important area for him to improve. I realised that learning these skills are critical to his success this year. In fact, he attended the first course. His note taking has improved 100%, is more organised and more confident about his year end exams. Contact Sharonn Pirie on 0273645736 or email 

for more information *Next course scheduled for February 2019


Dr Ursula Edgington - Course Tutor

Ursula had a fifteen-year career in various commercial-sector jobs in England before taking up an opportunity to pursue her passion to teach. Ursula completed her PhD in Education in the UK and is a qualified and experienced tertiary teacher. Ursula’s teaching and research has always been connected to issues of social justice and situated within diverse educational settings including inner-city community projects, experiential learning projects for vulnerable young people and vocational subjects at colleges. She moved to New Zealand in 2013, where she was a part-time lecturer at the University of Waikato's education faculty for two years and is now a full-time independent teacher, writer and researcher. Her specialist areas include exploring writing styles, creative assessment strategies and enhancing student-centred learning. Ursula’s published academic work ranges from aspects of emotional labour in teaching and learning, to use of innovative research methodologies. 

Course Content explained


Revision Strategies - Subject Content

1. Time & Space: Self-Management Skills

This session will provide an overview of tried-and-tested revision techniques, how to stay motivated and practical tips on creating and maintaining a realistic revision plan.

2. Effective Note-taking

Notes are not there just to look pretty, notes need to be personal and relevant so they can form the foundation of your revision plan. This session looks at different ways of constructing your notes and how to make them more valuable to you.

3. Improving Memory: Auditory Techniques

Understanding the differences between our short and long-term memory is crucial to getting to know ways we can take advantage of how our brains work to improve the depth of our learning. Developing our listening skills can play an important part in this learning and this session will explore various ways to achieve this.

4. Improving Memory: Visual Techniques

Images are a powerful way to develop our imaginations, and they can therefore help us remember important connections between words, dates, phrases and facts. In this session, you will develop an understanding of how to personalise various visual strategies, for example through creating fun acronyms.

5. Reducing Stress

Stress can be a positive motivator – helping us to remain focused and on-track with our revision plans. However too much stress can be overwhelming and any anxiety can prevent us from learning. This session will provide helpful advice about staying in control and tips about healthy coping strategies that enable us to achieve our objectives.

6. Practice makes Perfect!

In this final session on Revision Strategies, you will have an opportunity to reflect on the five key methods discussed in the short course and discuss any past assessments you have done. How can you learn from these past experiences going forward? What practice assessments have you completed or got planned and how could these specific strategies be applied?